My nails.


At the beginning I'll show you my nails. The classical almond shape.
The products used to nail styling:
- Silcare UV Gel Base One Clear
- Semilac Hybrid Base Coat
- Hybrid Semilac no 57 Nude Beige Rose
- Silcare Shimmer Nymph
- Semilac Hybrid Top Coat

Of course, before I had to take off my previous hybrid, perform complete manicure and degrease the nail plate.
Why UV gel?
Well, I love long nails, in short, I feel disabled. My natural nails have a  beautiful shape, but the hardness wow... Gummy bears are hardness than my nails. :)
Regularly every 3 weeks, I do replenishment the uv gel - despite the fact that I change the color every week.


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4 komentarze

  1. Przepiękny kolor! A paznokcie obłędne, długość i kształt - marzenie :)
    Pozdrawiam :)

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